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8 March 2010

The most frequently asked question is “Tom why do you bother writing these things” particularly when you may irk a few targets of your “pen” (ex. Obopay)?

It is an excellent question, as anyone that has read Dale Carnigies’ How to Win Friends and Influence People, knows the perils of constructive criticism. Believe it or not I firmly believe that good analysis can help a company IF its management team is capable of listening. My top drivers:

1) Help interested parties understand market trends, so that they can in turn make informed invested decisions

2) Connect to my network, share my thoughts, and get feedback. (More effective than a phone call)

3) Connect to new innovators and leaders in associated industries

4) Keep on top of the market. The other reason I write is simply because I enjoy it…  I’m one of those people that seems to process information better by writing it down.

5) Address the disconnect between Silicon Valley and large companies. Small private companies normally have strong CEOs/Founders that remain involved. These founders are normally quite confident people, having started the company and raised the initial capital.  Customers and investor demands have a tendency to “test the mettle” of these executives. VCs have a tendency to stay away from start ups focusing on selling to banks/MNOs, and therefore sponsor ideas that compete with them. As a former banker, I was amazed at how poorly small companies presented themselves to me: “this is my product, figure out how to use it”.

6) Help bring attention to a job well done.

– Tom


Written by tomnoyes

March 8, 2010 at 10:08 am

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